Ottawa Property Gals: 7 Steps to Selling Your House with a Toddler

Tuesday Mar 30th, 2021


Ottawa Property Gals: 7 Steps to Selling your House with a Toddler


Selling your home can be stressful, selling your home and trying to do it with a toddler in the home can be even more stressful.  This is when we can help!
Here is a little Advice from Us and to our Clients with toddlers and small children:


  1.      Start Talking to your Toddler and children about moving: Make it exciting and positive. Talk about how they will have a new room.. perhaps if they love princess' or super heroes you can discuss how their new room can incorporate what they love. Depending on your child and how they cope with change, slowly preparing them for this change in their lives may help with the move when it happens. If you can make it as stress free as possible and show the happy outcome of a new home this will help. If they see you stressed and unhappy it can make the experience a difficult one. It can be a stressful time.. being prepared, and hiring the right realtor can make a world of difference.  
  2.      Prepping your home before it goes on market: Give yourself at least 10 full days to de-clutter.  Go room by room and tackle 1 or 2 a day. Give away what you won’t need in your new home, and box what you can do without in the meantime. This also gives you an early start on moving… because you ARE moving. We can offer a Home Organizer/Declutter Company to help you, and we even Offer this as One of our Great Options Paid by Us!  Pack boxes in the garage, storage or spot in the basement. It’s ok, buyers understand and can still get an idea of space.
  3.       Get Excellent Photos of your home:  If your Realtor shows up with their own camera or doesn’t hire a professional, don’t do it.  We pay for the best photographer and spend more to make sure you have amazing photos and video.  This is the 1st impression Buyers have of your home… looking from home on the internet.  If it is Winter, include any great photos you may have in Spring or Summer.  We like to include these online or in our Special Home Book left out for Buyers and their agent to see. Cleaning your home for photos and showings is different.  For photos you will want to clear all clutter and counter tops, shampoo etc. in the shower.  For showings, it will be ok to have a few things out… you are living there!
  4.       Once you’re on the Market:  Give yourself some notice for showings. We can ask Realtors to book showings with at least overnight notice and we can also accommodate your little one(s) with half hour showing requests. Normally showings are booked with an hour time frame, but it’s ok to ask for shorter for the sake of your toddler.  However, don’t be too restrictive in showing your home… you don’t want to miss any real potential buyers. Some people think if they really want to see their home, they will reschedule.  That isn’t always the case. Some get turned off by not being able to see it when They Want.  They also have other homes to see so you don’t want them to miss yours and choose another.
  5.       Have a Checklist for Showings:  make yourself a checklist of items to quickly take care of before a showing, that way you won’t miss anything.  Items such as cleaning out the diaper genie, cleaning the cat litter or putting it in a different place if it is out in the open.  Toys can be quickly put in bins just before a showing and then tuck away in the closet or room. Set up a toy area like a train table or tea set on children’s table.  Your home is a family home, so let your buyers envision their child or baby in the home as well.  It also sometimes keeps their little ones at your home a bit longer if there are some toys out that they can see.  Make sure all lights are on in the home and outside lights turned on as well.  If you can turn on some soft music, it makes coming into an empty home a little more inviting.
  6.       Keep your little one(s) distracted or busy and minimally involved when tidying and getting ready for a showing:  Lots of advice shows getting them to help… yeah right!  As you put toys on a shelf, that’s when they want to play with them.  A quick method of bins helps for small pieces or toys on the floor.  Getting out for showings can be disruptive and upsetting for your toddler.  Have toys ready in the car ready to go at all times and make it a fun outing for your child.  Some parents even just go for a drive to let their little one sleep or go see some neighbourhood sites.  Again, you can set up a half hour showing so you won’t be out long. 
  7.       Be prepared for Anything!  Even with the request for notice for all showings, you may get a buyer who really wants to see your home in the next hour… would you turn down a possible sale to end all this?  Keep your home as clean as you can at all times and just be prepared for a showing at a moments notice… bins, quick snacks ready to go, car items in the car, your checklist… and then Don’t worry if a few things are left out or dishes in the sink.  Buyers will Understand!  Especially if they have asked for a quick showing. We do what we can to help you! Your success is ours as well. 
Some of our OPG Mini Clients for cuteness! 
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